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Sorry I died :[
I hope you guys forgive me.
I'll try and be a better friend again!
anyway, hows everyone been?
any green day news reveal itself in the past month that i should know about?
billie + mike =]

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Comment telling me
  • your name
  • age
  • location
  • favorite band, favorite movie, and favorite food.
  • where you found my journal.
So I can get to know a little about you first.

Hmm. what else should you know before you add me.. hm.

Well I update roughly.. 8 times a week, thats not TOO bad. I dont like people h0o b taLkIn lYkkE dIzZs y0. unless of course when you do talk like that, you are simply making fun of the retards that do. ALSO, if you use the terms gay, fag, queer ect. me and my small army of friends will pwn you. So in other words, DONT. Umm. thats pretty much all.

OOH WAIT. Just incase you were wondering (which I am sure you werent) but yeah. I DO NOT post non friends only stuff. I used to, but then I posted to many and this entry was on the second page and people started commenting on other entries and it was a mess. I do post things like telling people to vote for green day and stuff public, but once the voting is over, it is friends only. K im done now. SO GO COMMENT, YA SEXUAL.